Where to find and buy expired domains

Before I get too deep into where to buy the best expired domains, or how to find them, or how to analyze them, I think it’s important to first give a high level explanation as to why we’re even interested in buying expired domains.

For SEO professionals it is commonly understood that there are two primary aspects to ranking a website and beating out your competitors online.  The first is on-page SEO.  When we’re talking about on-page SEO we’re discussing things such as the page title, H1 tags, meta descriptions, internal linking structures such as silos, and we’re also looking at the quality of content and the coverage of topics that you’re trying to rank for.

The second piece to ranking a website is the authority that Google attributes to your website. Google determines authority primarily based on backlinks. In other words, how many other trusted websites are linking back to your website.  The more trusted websites you have linking back to your website the more trusted and powerful your website will become. However it’s easy or cheap to get trusted powerful websites to link back to your website, so it has become popular to create your own network of powerful authoritative websites that you can control and link back to your money website.  While this is ideal, to be able to control links back to your website, it’s also obviously another difficult hurdle.  How do you go about building up this network of powerful websites that you can control?  

The most consistent and predictable method for finding expired domains is scouring the internet for domains that used to carry authority and power but have since been let go by their owners.  In other words, expired domains.  

The way you can go about finding an expired domain is by looking at websites, analyzing their outbound links, and finding links that point to domains that no longer are registered.  If there are enough links pointing back to that expired domain it makes it worthwhile to purchase it and add it to your network.  

As you can imagine there tends to be a lot of competition to find and buy the best expired domains.  There are also a variety of tools that have been created specifically for the purpose of more efficiently finding and analyzing expired domains.  By far the best expired domain finding software on the market is Project Lazarus.  But today there is even an easier way to find and buy powerful expired domains without having to discover them yourself.

Recently the creator of project Lazarus has opened up a public Expired Domain Marketplace with thousands of powerful expired domains that have been spam check and statistically analyzed to ensure you can buy a domain that will help your SEO without having to invest time and money finding them yourself.

The Project Lazarus Expired Domain Marketplace Currently boasts over 10,000 domains.  What really separates this Marketplace from any of the other expired domain vendors it that the marketplace has built-in a proprietary spam checking tool and includes domain metrics from Majestic.  So with this new Marketplace you can quickly sort and filter the domains to find the perfect domain for your needs. There are domains in virtually every country and in every niche so there is no longer a need to settle for unrelated low-quality expired domains that simply don’t work as well as they used to.

So I encourage you, if you’re looking to improve your blog network you should definitely check out the Project Lazarus Expired Domain Marketplace.