Do Domain Names Help With SEO?

Giving a name to a new thing, be it a new company, a new child or a new website can be an exciting event. When choosing a website’s name, you have to consider its impact on the site’s SEO.

In this article, we will try to give you some insight on how your domain name may have an impact on your site’s SEO. 

  1. Keywords or Brand name?

Many years ago, keywords in the domain name had a big pull on the site’s SEO. But, it is no longer the case. Google does not give weightage to the keywords in the domain name in their ranking any more. However, they bold the keywords in their result. So it will still grab the user’s attention.

Google prefers brands over keywords. The search giant said they consider a brand name to be a better signal of quality than keywords.

So if you were to choose between the two, go with the brand name. If you are lucky enough to have your main keywords in your brand name that’s a blessing.

  1. Name relevancy

Search engines always rank pages created for human readers high than ones created just for crawlers. If your domain name is relevant to your business, customers will stay on your site for longer and that is a great SEO signal. It also helps people discover you easily.

  1. KISS

Follow the KISS principle when naming your site. Keep it simple and short. Short brand and domain names are memorable and easy on the eyes. So instead of naming your store try something easier like It will be easy for your customers to recommend your store to friends if your site has a short name.

From an SEO perspective, using dashes or numbers or very long URLs are frequently suspected of being spammy sites. So you can avoid falling it that trap by keeping a simple and short domain name.

  1. Choose the right TLD

Using the right geographic suffix will help you rank in the right location. If you are a UK based business, catering to clients exclusively in the UK, having a would be far better for your local search rankings than buying a extension. So choose the geo or interest-based TLD carefully.

Use this knowledge to come up with a great domain name for your new business.