How to Migrate a Domain From One Host to Another?

Sometimes, you may want to change your domain registrar to a different company because you are not happy with your current registrar. The process to change the domain from one host to another is quite easy.

 Why change hosts?

There are several reasons why you may think of going to a different domain registrar.

  1. You could be consolidating all your domains names with one host instead of having them spread over different registrars.
  2. Your existing host may be charging very high rates for renewal. Some companies offer low rates when registering new domains and then hike the price for renewal. If your current host is charging a lot for renewal, it may be better to go to a different host.
  3. Your new host may have a better interface compared to your existing host.

Steps to migrate your domain

Migrating a domain follows the same sequence of events irrespective of which company you are registered with.

  1. Make sure your current domain is still valid. If the domain is already expired, you cannot migrate it. Plan to migrate at least 15-20 days before the domain expiry.
  2. Sign up with the new domain registrar and keep your username and password handy.
  3. Sign into your current domain registrar and unlock the domain name. This facility prevents any unauthorised transfer of the domain and needs to be manually unlocked from your control panel. You will get the authorisation code via registered email once the domain is unlocked.
  4. Go to your email and get the authorisation code.
  5. Sign back into your new host and start the domain transfer. It should be one of the options in your dashboard. The option will ask you to enter the domain name and the authorisation code.
  6. You will receive an email confirming that you want to proceed further with the transfer. Look through the details and click on confirm. You may be asked to accept the new terms.
  7. Pay for the transfer. Typically, the transfer is free, but you may be asked to renew the domain for an extra year. Once payment is completed, the transfer will start. Some registrars take days to complete the transfer while others may need a few hours.

Once you transfer a domain, you cannot transfer it again for 60 days. And your website will experience some downtime while you switch registrars and set up the new DNS zones.